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Mark Ellwood running a board meeting

Meetings should never look like this!

Training, Not Lecturing, That Creates New Behavior


On behalf of the Jamaican Canadian Association, just a quick note to thank you for facilitating the board training last Thursday. The feedback was positive and several board members indicated the examples from your board experience were very helpful.  

Adaoma C. Patterson


innovative training

Do you and your employees find collaboration difficult?  Messy meetings? Too many emails? Disagreements over petty stuff?

Mark Ellwood shows you the fundamentals of team work. Learn his simple formula for great results;

          Diversity of Ideas + Synergy + Action = Collaboration

Diversity is about bringing the right people together, creating a team charter, listening effectively. 

Synergy is how to ensure that the best possible results occur through meeting management, consensus building,  evidence-based decisions, and building on positive ideas.

Action is embracing a team mission, setting SMART goals, planning activities, and delegating at the end of a meeting. 


  • Serious team building - Learn how to collaborate at work

  • Listening skills and difficult conversations - Making authentic connections

  • Presentation skills - How to connect with audiences and create action

  • Time management - Focusing on high priority tasks and minimizing the rest

  • Project management - Goal setting, determining a launch date, marshaling resources, delegating tasks, measuring results

  • Running effective meetings - Maximizing team time 

  • Email management - Write, receive, and send effectvely