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Tower Building

Teams plan, construct and later improve a tower made of everyday materials. The task is simple, but the group dynamics are complex. Debriefing focuses on goal setting, time management, delegation, group cohesion, non-value added tasks, and more. It's educational, insightful, practical, and just a little bit fun.

Improving Communication Skills

Participants learn to communicate better through role playing and Improvisation exercises.  The focus is on how to create a cooperative environment, how to to listen effectively, and how to deal with difficult conversations. 

Team Charter

The focus is on creating a set of values that guide the work of the team. The group forms a consensus on behaviors that are essential to team success in their own organization. 

Time and Team Management 

Here, employees discover the essentials of how teams collaborate and how to get more done through meeting management, goal setting, dealing with interruptions, managing projects and more. 

Co-operative Scavenger Hunt

For a break, this outdoor activity brings the team together on a quest. Individuals hide clues, then the collective team follows a journey from clue to clue, ending up with a prize at the end. 

If you want a day off for your staff to climb ropes, play games, or hunt for clues around the city, they'll certainly have fun and get to know each other better. We don't do those. 

On the other hand, if you want a training day that gets at the practical aspect of how teams can do better, then Mark Ellwood's "Terrific Teams" is just for you. Mark's innovative, experiential exercises delve into project management, team strategies, goal setting, interruptions, and non value-added tasks. And they're fun, too.

The key is Mark's insightful debriefing style. He inspires teams to discover what works after engaging in a team building task. Teams will go away enlightened, with practical ideas on how they can improve. (And, did we say they can have a bit of fun?)

During this session teams engage in a practical task with a deadline.

Afterwards Mark facilitates learning on the following topics:

  • Exploring different leadership styles

  • Goal setting

  • Determining a strategy

  • Managing deadlines

  • Dealing with administrative requirements

  • Project management

  • Assimilating new team members

  • Clarifying roles

  • Delegating tasks

  • Providing praise and support

  • Managing limited resources