Mark Ellwood Knows Teams

Mark Ellwood : Productivity Expert, Meeting Master, Time Guru, and So-So Squash Player

As a time study expert, Mark Ellwood has measured time spent by employees on all kinds of meetings using his innovative TimeCorder tracking devices for 25 years. 

As a board member and chair, he has worked with terrific teams, He knows how to foster teamwork and make meetings work smoothly. He’ll make sure that no one gets bogged down and that collaboration leads to results.​

As a trainer, he develops unique, interactive modules that instantly demonstrate how teams can work better through project management, leadership, and communication. His goal is for your team to be more effective and your meetings less wasteful. His team building workshops are both interactive and practical.

As a presentation skills expert, he has won numerous public speaking awards, and trained four national champions. He has appeared extensively in the media, and has taught presentation skills to some of the toughest groups.​

As a business professional, he began his career in marketing with Procter & Gamble and has run his own successful business since 1990, conducting consulting projects in 39 different countries.

As a facilitator, Mark Ellwood has used his extensive facilitations skills with numerous groups to create consensus and action. 

Mark Ellwood is the president of 

Pace Productivity Inc.

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 1989


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